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Rockit Pram & Stroller Rocker

Rockit is a company dedicated to helping babies sleep soundly and making life easier for parents. The now introduce their latest innovation: the rechargeable Rockit Pram & Stroller Rocker™.

Are you tired of your baby waking up every time the pram or stroller comes to a stop? Have you experienced the frustration of having to constantly jiggle the buggy to keep your little one asleep?

The Rockit Pram & Stroller Rocker offers a solution to these common problems and more. With its gentle rocking motion, it can keep your stroller moving and your baby snoozing for longer periods. This gives you the freedom to enjoy a peaceful meal or navigate through airport queues without any interruptions.

  • Conveniently attaches to any stroller or pram with a secure bracket.
  • USB rechargeable with included cable for easy power access.
  • New rotating bracket ensures proper positioning by always pointing directly up.
  • Soothing rocking motion with 60-minute cycle promotes longer naps for your child.
  • Splashproof and showerproof for use in various weather conditions.
  • Adjustable speed dial allows for customizable rocking for your stroller and child.

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